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Fine Art Printing

Fine Art Printing a.k.a Archival Printing a.k.a Giclee Prints

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What is fine art printing What does it mean? Why are they so special?

Fine Art Printing (giclee printing) is the inkjet print technology that uses Ultra Chrome Inks, which have a higher color gamut ( end number of colors printable ) than any other printing system. Archival printing is nothing but printing using Archival Ink ( that doesn’t fade when printed on Archival paper for more than 100 years ). Giclee prints in nothing but Ink-Jet Printing,

Our machine uses 10 Inks ( of which 5 variations of Grey color with CMYK + LC + LM ) to give you the most vibrant and true color prints one can have

Highest Resolution in its class, and the fastest too… if you are an Artist, Photographer Graphic Designer, Illustrator, or someone who wants the best color prints money can buy ! you’ve come to the right place :]

Media options include: Photo Luster & Glossy Paper, Enhanced Matt Paper, German Etching Paper, Artist Canvas to name a few

Customized Wallpaper at Best Price in Bangalore

Customized Wallpapers

As we entered 2020, our clients included interior designers, architects, photographers, artists, and illustrators who all needed our Fine Art Printing services to eventually to Artscape and beautify their interior projects.

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In 2009, to support our core business which is Printing,after that we started a new verticle for Designing, hence the name Designism :] Similarly We understood printing and without an in-house design studio, we felt our service would not be complete.

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Corporate Gifting

Our Association with corporate companies has been there for more than a decade, and in the process, we have developed deep relationships along the way, which has further helped us in servicing the needs of customization.